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la vie en rose


Science needs progressive voices more than ever. Diseases, extreme weather, are continuing to batter human colonies as we batter our planet’s ecosystem. How to resist stagnation, indifference, and the negative virtues of our time?


The journey inwards outwards from brain sciences to lung sciences, left Pascal ready to reach out to the world, as a spokesman for the Sciences by using the Visual Arts to communicate and reach out to all levels within our global communities.


Within his collections and installations, modern masculinity, adverse childhood events, bruised inner child, toxic environments, climate crises and emergencies are explored within the concept of togetherness and within our humanity.


Inspiration - Why science needs progressive voices more than ever | Science | The Guardian , Jacque Brel (Voeux, Janvier 1968)

Photo entitled "Coming together!"

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Stock photographer for Alamy - check out pfdphotographie on

I also take requests to work on new projects. Live in London, UK and am available for any projects across Europe.

Contact me directly for any collaborative work or any projects you have in mind.

You can subscribe to my blog to keep up with any new installation projects coming up or any new collections on my website or if you just wish to brighten your day with my "Photo du Jour".

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Smog - Judge 1st place, 500 photos (Jan 2020) on Photocrowd

Splash - was selected to be part of an online collection. I had submitted a series of photos in the context of Shutter Hub Yearbook (2023)

City pulse - the pulse of Vauxhall late in the evening (2024). This image has been published in a book entitled "Night Mood" that can purchased at the Shutter Hub Store. 

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