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June 2024 Blog

Updated: Jul 4


There will only be one email reaching per month from now. I believe that this is sufficient. It will contain the best shots of the month and any updates on ongoing art and photo projects. I still undecided whether it will be bilingual and have some French.   


Photo du Jour - The 2-headed toothbrush

The night we had the aurora borealis in London, I found a 2-headed toothbrush in my front garden and then my modem fried. I was without broadband for 2 weeks, only because the technician was standing in front of my door and tried to call me on my mobile. I am still going mobile free. This just re-affirms the need for some "mobile free-time" as important social skills are being lost, in my opinion. I finally got him to use the knocker on my door on my third appointment but for a moment I thought I was caught in the twilling zone.


Photo du Jour - Listeria 

The secret Listeria competition in my neighbourhood. This is the one from my neighbourhood just opposite of me... The middle photos will also join my staircase collection.

Photo du Jour - The mundane 

My favourite collection and genre.


And what happened to the "Polka-Dot Tree" (part of my 4 Tree project)

We are having structural issues... starting with the 2D sheet. And I still have to design the 3D interlocks with a surprise centre piece. The negative space, that is the space between the dots is fairly large but I needed that because of the lights that will be shining through... so work in progress here.

However.... the "Cells on a stick" tree has an improved base. Also It is going under a good clean and it will be displayed on my balcony (courtyard). A peek preview below


The Lampshade - the design

This month was truly remarkable because I spent two weeks designing a lampshade which I never done before. I also put a lamp design together using as base my favourite wild urban raw material - pallet wood. But first the lampshade. I have to emphasize that it is constructed using second hand material. It is the standard white bucket containing food and that ends up in many restaurant kitchens. This is the second favourite wild urban raw material. I get mine from the Kennington Park Café. This is a very modest solution to our world wide plastic pollution but if we all would ship in that way, I am sure it would make a difference.

A rugged look for the day and a soft look at night.

And here lamp number 1 (taken in Kennington Park)

and Lamp number 2 (taken in Fitzrovia)

More pictures can be seen on this page (Lamps)


Part of my new tools or accessories, I acquired a transporter from a German company. It looked simple and elegant, as I call my furniture line, just "Simply Elegant". It is perfect. I can transport my creations to several urban locations for a photo-shoot.


Finally I am pleased to share that the Children's Festival at Kennington park is on again, on the 14th of July 2024 from 12:00 to 17:00.

And my "Flower making workshop" is on too.

Adults do also come along, we all have an inner child to nurture.


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