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Men-oi-pause; a reality little talked about amongst men. I muddled through it, and I am out of it. I just wished I could have heard in the distance the sound of a grounding male voice to keep my path steadier. Useless Absent Fathers. Instead, I went down the rabbit hole. Again, I am out of it and let's not go there, ever. 


But where are the elders when you really need their guidance? Benidorm, Golf courses, Yacht, Cricket stadiums, traveling… all except in our communities serving as Elders. My pledge – I am an Elder here to serve our communities present and future.

Depression, Rumination, Anger, Isolation, Non-love, Entrapment, Violated, Feel Used, Hostage, Disappointed, Let down, Disconnected, just Tired.

Men-oi-Pause 1_3

Motionless, Nothingness, Emptiness, Worthlessness, Helplessness.

New hopes, Liberation, True-self, Transformation, Enlightenment, Flourishment, Freedom, Independence.

Men-oi-Pause 3_3

Inspiration: Man Up: Surviving Modern Masculinity Paperback – 2 Feb. 2017 by Jack Urwin.

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