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The blob is the first project and structure I put together. The main material was a 2.5 litre opaque plastic bottle. More than a 100 were collected over a period of one and a half year. Only the bottom part was use for this project. Green and blue bottles were also collected during the same. The main aim was to create a sheet of elements, in this case, units to explore assemblage and behaviour. 

Each unit is mainly composed of a flower, a bottle saucer. They were bonded by a bold, washer and nut in metal suggesting a bond that is adamant. A plastic bottle cap was added using glue, an expected add-on for any healthy couple. 

However the units were themselves attached with each other using a plastic material - le Scoubidou - Iconic plastic strings.  A 3-point attachment was used between each unit and the thread was doubled.


Three is the minimum number to form as a family unit.

Once the sheet was completed, exploration began. Two time points were explored, half size and full size.

Half size

Full size

A big thank you  to UCL Respiratory members for assisting in the collection of those bottles. 

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