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Wildfires have become more frequent in Greece during the summer due to extreme heat waves. One year, in July 2021 wildfires reached Athens. It was contained in the outskirts of Athens; however, you could not stop speculating of the devastating consequences on cultural landmarks if such fires could not be contained. 

And it doesn't have to be wildfires. IN 2019, Paris had to watch the roof of Notre Dame of Paris be consumed by fire despite an extraordinary effort to tame the fire. 

Some buildings carry a deep cultural heritage and therefore take a special place in our society but despite all our care, they are vulnerable as much as we are to extraordinary events. Like us buildings are here to be born, live and die and I believe we should let them.


Since nothing is for ever... It is important to accumulate images that capture the beauty emanating from our buildings. 


Here a focus on columns on London buildings,  

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