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Here one day, gone the next, sometimes here for longer but never here to stay for ever. Such is your fate; Urban Street Art.


Urban street art or commonly recognised as Graffiti is short lived especially if it resides on temporary construction boards like the art that spawn a few years ago on our Vauxhall Island. Drawings on plywood battered by rain or winds must be the antithesis of a drawing on canvas hanging in one of our museums. Urban street art is ephemerous. It is vagabond. Mostly not welcomed as it takes root without asking permission to provoke, to disturb sometimes just wanting to be. No matter where its origin lies, it is part of the Creation. In Vauxhall, the canvas is falling apart, degrading, breaking down and decomposing. This art has lived a full life. It is also time for the developers to complete their task and dazzle us with their structure where none was. The Urban Street Art in Vauxhall is departing but not before we say adieu by capturing its last moments. 

The passing of the Vauxhall Island Urban Street Art 

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