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shutter hub yearbook 2022 - winner

Updated: Sep 13, 2022

I would like to invite you to visit the Shutter Hub Yearbook 2022 online Exhibition.

I had submitted 6 photos and am glad they selected this one. This was taken in the street I live, Carroun Road, SW8. I found this ice cream upside down in the gutter not melted, just like it is on the photo. My flat and block of flats are in the background. I did not have my camera with me at the time but ran home to grab it. Since then, I have my camera on me at all times.

I did use this photo in the context of some work with the Christian Climate Action and Extinction Rebellion... melting ice... see #myphotolent2020 | pfdphotographie - Day 38. Perhaps a bit literal but even if not on a grand scale, like our Climate Emergency, we all experienced little meltdown moments in our lives where, well we felt like excluded, rejected or simply not quite together.

However, this photo strung a much deeper cord in me, a matter not very much talked about in our society – “Adverse Childhood Experiences. We live in a world where “the thousand lost golf balls describe a species that has mastered the art of distraction” (T.S. Eliot), where we unconsciously take out our childhood wounds onto others in the community and simply where we haven’t taken seriously the lasting impact of early childhood trauma (Bruce Sanguin). This is for all lost “inner-child”.

But I will let you contemplate this photo and explore the emotions it evokes.

And I do hope that whoever lost this ice cream got another one.

Many thanks for your support with my newfound passion.

Also, I have started with my outdoor installation again. This one comes with UV lights for an hour or two just after dusk and is entitled "lilies for Pam". Pam is a local that most of us have heard... She loves lilies but unfortunately with the drought we had none this year. So these are for her but not just. A lot of neighbours have asked for more stuff. So, to all my neighbourgs, please do have a stroll through Carroun Road, SW8 one evening.


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