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Shutter hub Yearbook 2022

I submitted these 6 photos towards the Shutter Hub Yearbook 2022 a couple of month ago. I was pleased to hear that I was retained amongst 299 other photographers for their 2022 Yearbook. online exhibition. I have never been represented in an exhibition. So firsts all around. Unfortunately, I have just learned that I will not be part of the 100 photographers that will be in the printed yearbook version. Nothing can take this away from me. In 2022 I was part of the 300.

But I thought I would share this with my neighbours and I also wanted to experience the logistics of getting an exhibition ready. Well 2 weeks later than initially scheduled I am ready but today, time stood still since a category of people believe that we should not modernise ourselves and live unchanged. And there are not the ones in the limelight currently.

Life goes on. It will not be first time I would break protocol with that family and it is not like broken bad. I have released myself from the shackles of the past and consider the needs of the moment. I did quiet for one day as a support, support I would give to any family that lost the foundation that held them mostly together.

I had my exhibition up for lunch time only, just a couple of hours and had some invaluable feedback. I am very pleased with the entire experience although I am always incredibly nervous about these things. Still I think I managed to envision most variables that needed attending and controlled.

This entire aspect of my life is self-driven and sometimes I have these voices in my head, well 2 with each a voice. One repeats "you are not good enough" and the other keeps asking "why bother". These are probably the actions that govern the path of least resistance we all have in us. Why all this effort.?

Well, first we are born into a culture and I think it is pointless to not interact with this culture during ones' life time. We might as well have not been born. There is always the option to go wild but we seem to have taken care of that since there is nothing but culture to be born into for us humans. Going on other planets is out of the question for the moment. So, there we go. I could fill my life with distractions. I was thinking about selling my flat in London and get a boat to sail around the world. And that would be a clever thing to do. To place oneself in a vessel of which you know nothing and hope for the best. I would be in the water at the first sign of rough sea serving as appetiser for the more teethed fauna that roams the waters. But distractions will remain distractions. We need purposes and meaning. We need something bigger than ourselves to grow and evolve. But since we don't know where our evolution is taking us... all we can do is offer our culture possibilities and diverse ways of living in the hope that someday they could be game changers in the affront of a roadblock in our evolution.

And besides there is nothing more precious than our future generations and it is in the future that all our attention should be focused on and investment should go. Without a future we might as well stop right here, right now.

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