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Shutter Hub Yearbook 2022

Updated: Sep 6, 2022

I am really excited that my photos were noticed for this contest. The world of photography seemed at times impenetrable and so secrative due its subjectivity nature. I knew I was challanging conventions but now also being liked, means a lot to me. A lot of work and hours have gone in for the last 2 years to develop my approach.

So I would like to invite you to visit the online exhibition SHUTTER HUB YEARBOOK 2022.

Carroun Road in its full splendar..

I had used this picture to highlight ice melting in the context of our climate emergency but I think you would agree that we all had our little melt downs at some point in our lives. This one is for us.

I will do a little out door exhibition over a couple of weekends just to do an exhibtion. I never done one. It will be with my first installation after a year break.

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