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Raeda Saadeh: Vacuum, 2007

I believe that the next great awakening that our society will experience will come from Muslim women. It is probably already here but still too underground and hasn't reach that threshold to be a thing. But these tensions revolve around humans only and more specifically tensions between between male and female. The real tensions in our society are not amongst ourselves but lie with Nature. Has our domestication path lead us a straight? Some signs would suggest, Yes.

Israeli photographer and performance artist Raeda Saadeh often focuses on the lives of Palestinian women in their perpetual state of occupation, emphasising how dispossession affects them. In the video work Vacuum, the artist filmed herself vacuuming the desert sand in the hillsides flanking the Dead Sea, persisting at the endless task despite its futile nature.

Photograph: Raeda Saadehas as seen in the Guardian on the 17/05/2023

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