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photo du jour - the london knife crime memorial

The extinction rebellion group yesterday left their markings towards the institutions in need of revision to adjust to the modern world needs. We know very well that institutions are like big ships difficult to steer through quick changing currents or weather and or most of the time in need of a push in order to change direction. I did not go to take any photos on this occasion. I believe that we are not at the end of this social awakening. We have only just begun. But I believe that this is a very exciting beginning for human civilisation. It is a time were 19th century concepts we are still dragging along will be left behind to adopt at last new ways to accommodate globalisation but mostly a higher perspective of our presence on this planet and the universe. Anyway on one of the photos in the news paper I saw a hand which in my view looked very similar than the ones you can see on the london knife crime memorial. Has this memorial a ER signature?

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