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photo du jour - out of the waters we came to shore

Cells on a stick - The Communities Tree

We all belong to a community, a tribe or a club. Communities begin small, some begin bigger. Some communities formed a long time ago, some others are just forming or are in constant flux as members come and go. My community is Vauxhall-Oval. I came by boat to these shores. You may have too. Some others may have come by air. Now they also come from under the ground. But together we ARE the community of Vauxhall-Oval whether we feel we belong or not.

A very long time, in a different story, you may not remember but our bodies do, we also have started as a small community - a cell was born. And out of the waters we came to shore.

This is part of outdoor installation free to view on carroun road in south london, sw8

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