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photo du jour - lilies for P.A.M.

Updated: Sep 13, 2022

From outer space they came, like a flock of migrating birds. Stem first they landed with force, bang, but with a gracefulness that was inspiring and demanded respect. They looked like lilies but they were not lilies of course, as everyone knows that lilies do not grow in the vacuum of space and certainly do not fly like rockets.

They came for one purpose only, to regulate a fierce drought that plagued this celestial body, named Prime Aliza Moon, in short PAM. PAM was part of a complex system with many different bodies able to sustain life. But PAM was often left unattended. But not to worry the lilies are here, here to kick start the rain cycle again. No one knows how but they just do it. And without fail, short of arriving, we felt raindrops. The entire planet changed colour from an indigo orange to its well-known lush flamboyant green again.

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