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Have you got your ticket to Mars? Wanting to be an astronaut was probably on many boys' mind including myself. I ended up in medicine rather than in aeronautics. Still I never stopped being in awe in front of the wonders of the Universe. I am particularly impressed by the images produced by HiRise - a camera in space flying over Mars again and again and again. The images coming to earth can be seen at the University of Arizona's website. So thanks to NASA, I went up high with my camera and took a series of shots along some very interesting earthly terrains... Can you guess what it is?

Urban Abstract

The concept of abstraction is a concept that my scientific brain has yet to fully integrate. However, one should not give up just because one's matrix is not quite prepared for a change. If you dig deep enough into your creative mind it will come. Creativity is change. So here are my trials at introducing the concept of abstraction into my surroundings. 

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